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Hi, the name of our publishing house is «Kachelly», a Russian word for the swings. Our swings move up and down to see and hear you, dear readers. We keep on moving so that you get answers you’re striving for in our books.

Well, it’s to be continued, hush you, pumpkin, we always say to little ones mesmerized by magic fairy-tales. «Keep on exploring», is how we encourage steady and curious schoolchildren devouring pages of popular science stories. We’ve got lots of cool books, we whisper to rebellious teens secretly turning the pages of a detective or a love-story. Be sure, we’ve also got what concerned parents need. So, the answer is somewhere near, just try another book, we promise them.

We are «Kachelly», the Publishing House. We’re searching for, creating and making books for you. Our goal is to help mums hush their babies. To help dads explore what a castle is or how the solar system functions together with their sons. To nurture some little fashionistas’ eager to be into latest trends of dolls fashion and to feed some young girls natural zeal to create things.

Page by page, magic of fairy-tales and wisdom of science, warmth of real people stories, and excitement of adventures become real. So, the higher our «Kachelly» go, the more interesting world around you become.

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